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People have had an obsession with speed since the invention of the first automobile. From Ormond Beach in Florida to the salt flats of Utah, each new season brings new attempts to challenge the limit. Racers such as Sir Malcolm Campbell, Barney Oldfield and Craig Breedlove became household names, while others toiled in relative obscurity.

Although has long been the source of drag racing news and events for many years, we have also brought you a variety of stories related to motorcycle land speed racing. Dating back to 2001 we have been bringing you various project bikes as well as product tests and breaking news in this sport. Like drag racers, land speed racers are usually grass roots riders just like you. People building bikes and engines in their garage and basements across the country have become the norm in both of these sports and it is that spirit that caught our attention when we witnessed this incredible story. .

Claiming the title of “World’s Fastest Streetbike,” RCC Turbos-sponsored Bill Warner rode into the record books at the East Coast Timing Association’s Maxton Mile on April 11 with an astounding 272.340 mph pass in the standing mile.

Our season has opened with a bang ! Shane Stubbs broke the Maxton track (and world) record of 260.288 MPH, with a new record of 264.375 MPH. The old record of Lee Shierts / Rich Yancy Racing had stood since 2005, and was one of the true high-water marks in LSR. Shane said that one of his basic reasons for joining our team was the promised chance to compete against – and to break – this record. He’s done it.

To all our sponsors Last weekend we set yet another track record, another new land speed record, and the top speed for the year at the track, at the land speed racing event up in Loring, Maine. Bill Warner went 273.356 mph, making this the fastest all-time speed ever recorded by a sit-on motorcycle (ie, non-streamliner)!

Continuing to push the performance envelope and boundaries of two-wheeled insanity that is land-speed racing, Bill Warner muscled his turbocharged, 1299cc Wild Brothers Racing Suzuki Hayabusa to 278.6 mph at the Texas Mile on October 25, a new record that upped its "World's Fastest Streetbike" status by 5.3 mph over a July, 2010 run in Loring, Maine.

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