About Us

Richards Custom Cycle and RCC Turbos is your motorcycle parts and performance shop for all makes and models! Our business started in 1992 and has involved high performance cars, trucks and motorcycles since we first opened. But in 2000 is when we began specializing in high performance turbo charging motorcycles! From the services we offer range from a basic service, tire change, and safety inspection, to our specialty, building and designing turbo charged race bikes and street bikes! We love fabricating, installing and tuning turbo systems, designing and creating new and unique products for the industry!

While we specialize in the Suzuki Hayabusa, and Kawasaki ZX14 we also offer custom one off builds for many other makes and models, please feel free to contact us in regards to new projects!

We can do it all! We will never shy away from a challenge, if you have a project or dream, we can make it happen. Feel free to check out some of our projects, you will be both pleased, and impressed by the quality of our work.

We are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest level of service and performance.

Professional Experience and Accomplishments

  • In 2002, I attended the Parry Sound Sport Bike Rally and won the Horse Power Shootout, and Top Speed Radar Run competition with a speed of 279kph on an RCC Turbos Suzuki Hayabusa.
  • On March 11, 2005 with an RCC built motorcycle, I took second place at the DynoJet Horsepower Challenge held in Valdosta, Georgia, USA with 559.02 horse power.
  • At the DynoJet Horsepower Challenge in Valdosta Georgia, Brandon Rybicki's turbo-powered Harley V-Rod took 1st place in its class producing 191 horse power, with a turbo system built, installed and tuned by RCC.
  • In September 2005, I became the first Canadian to run a seven second pass on a Prostreet motorcycle which was built and tuned by myself at RCC Turbos.
  • In 2006, RCC Turbos built a motorcycle for Mario Plant of Quebec. Mr. Plant took his motorcycle to the 2006 Daytona Horse Power Shoot Out and won first place with 518 horse power.
  • Since 2007, RCC has made a name in the motorcycle industry with our distinct turbo systems, and products such as the RCC Liquid/Air Plenum (ULTRA Plenum), Billet Clutch Covers, Billet Fuel Rails, Billet Sprocket Covers, etc. are recognized and used worldwide.
  • RCC has designed many products over the years that are exclusive to our brand; they are not available anywhere else in the world. RCC manufactures many parts in house as well as casting stainless and aluminum parts here in Ontario.
  • We have been building, designing, and tuning turbo charged motorcycles since 2000, as well as coming up with new and innovative products along the way. RCC has also been featured in many magazines over the years. RCC was also contacted by Mark Warner, one of the author’s for HP Books.
  • Mr. Warner gathered information with respect to RCC in 2005/2006 for a book titled “Street Turbocharging”. He used pictures and design information in the book on pages 64, 65, 66, as well as two full pages of text, information, and dyno charts on pages 166 and 167