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Kawasaki ZX14 Stage 2 Turbo System 2006-2020 models

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ZX14 Stage 2 ULTRA Turbo System

Garret GT dual ball bearing turbo, will support over 430hp,


    38 mm Tial Sport MVS Waste Gate (external)
    Liquid to air intercooler with water pump, heat exchanger, lines and fittings
    304 grade stainless steel header and flanges
    Braided oil feed line and fittings
    Oil return line, and fittings
    New in-line fuel pump
    1:1 fuel pressure regulator
    Fuel lines for the fuel system
    Billet aluminum air box covers
    Crankcase vent filter
    RCC Billet mechanical scavenge pump
    K&N air filter
    All vacuum lines, connectors, hose clamps, and fittings.

Stock engine 280rwhp on pump fuel.

Engine with turbo pistons and HD valve springs, 330-340rwhp on pump fuel.

With a fully built engine, HD connecting rods, turbo pistons, valve springs, etc. The stage 2 kit will be 380-400rwhp on pump fuel, and 440rwhp on race gas.

Substantially lower intake temperatures, maximum power running pump fuel (380-400hp please contact us for the variables that affect these numbers), the best quality and tech support in this market!

It fits inside stock body work for a very stealthy look.

Kawasaki ZX14 Stage 2 ULTRA Turbo System 2006-2020 Models

$10,300 USD USD

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2 week build time
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RCC- ZX14-S2-U