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ULTRA™ Turbo Systems Gen 2 Busa Stage 1
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ULTRA™ Turbo System Gen 2 Busa Stage 1

Garret Custom Turbo 430hp rated
38mm Tial Sport MVS wastegate
2.5" Stainless Steel Race Dump-pipe
Stainless Steel Header and Flanges
Braided Oil Feed Line with Fittings
Oil Return Line and Fittings
New In-line Fuel Pump
Fuel Pressure Regulator
Fuel Lines
Billet Aluminum Airbox/Intercooler
Heat Exchanger & Electric Water pump
Oil Block Off Plates
Crancase Vent Filter
High Flow Airfilter
Vacuum lines, Hoses, Clamps, & Fittings


50mm Tial blow off valve                                                                $475

Billet fuel rail with 60 lb injectors (required to make over 350hp)  $725

This is the ultimate street/strip kit, the liq/air intercooler on this kit will allow you to safely run up to 380-400hp on pump fuel, and it will make a very efficient 440hp on race fuel. If you are looking for the ultimate turbo kit, this is it!

All workmanship comes with a 2 year warranty ----ie. cracking pipes or fittings

Turbo unit comes with a 2 year warranty

Fuel pump and regulator come with a 2 year warranty

ULTRA™ Turbo System for 2008-2020 Hayabusa 430hp

$9,250 USD USD

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